Visit with the Taylor home on a weekday afternoon, and you will likely be greeted with a mess. Piles of colored blocks are scattered all over the house’s level. You might find half-destroyed towns accompanied by matchbox cars and action figures that seem to be an abandoned archaeological dig. Watch where you step, and oh – the plastic brick cubes is a killer on your feet. Angie Taylor grins sheepishly. Before we go to the park, the principle is that the cubes all get picked up and put back into their own bins. After we get back, they have dumped back again. The room is clean for a half hour per day. Angie admits the benefits of block play and has decided to; for the most part, just look the other way, although she hates the jumble. guess, once they are in college my home will be clean. And meanwhile, they are not watching much TV.

Angie’s ages, kids seven, four and two love playing with their cubes, and they have sets of kinds. And, they are developing skills and learning theories as they perform. Everyone loves to Build a block tower that is fantastic, and then knock it down. Seth, angle’s two-year-old, is currently working on concentration and his fine motor skills. He will build towers for one hour or longer, says Angie. And he seems focused the entire time. It is one of the only things he does with this much concentration. Learning how to balance the cubes is instructing Seth theories of balance and gravity and raising his coordination. Needless to say, if he yells over sister’s towers or his brother that he sees an entirely different type of effect and cause.

Seth is not the only One. The children spend plenty of time making their creations right. Baca, the seven-year-old, lines her Lego up homes and spends a great deal of time together with all the finer details, such as door and window placement. All three children Participate with their blocks in complex play. They then push matchbox cars build towns and cities or encourage action figures to maneuver in. Becca says we like to create Wild West towns with LEPIN cowboys. And we do a map of our neighborhood. My favorite is the swimming pool. Baca has incorporated a piece of construction paper to the area, where Fisher Price People are currently enjoying a splash. She says that Seth destroys villages and comes along, but she has decided to pretend he’s King Kong. Following the Seth devastation, she rebuilds schools and the homes.